In true Aussie style, the Boardwalk Tavern will be holding its 5th annual Australia Day YABBY RACES from 1.30pm. Melbourne might have the Cup but Hope Island has the reputation for holding one of the most unique races. Yabbies are the hardiest of crayfish and can even regenerate lost limbs. These tough creatures make the perfect little racers!

We will be offering a selection of Aussie inspired meal specials throughout the day that are sure to satisfy your hunger without breaking the bank. But rather than just a plain old school lamington or typical snag on bread, we’ve created the most pimped out classics for you to feast on this Oz Day. We’ll give you the big tip… make sure to arrive hungry!

Imagine an afternoon spent sipping cocktails and listening to live music from 1pm. It’s sure to keep those public holiday vibes going all day long. If pub grub and good beers by the water make for your ideal Australia Day, round up the squad and head to the Boardwalk Tavern! Open from 10am, it’s never too early to crack a cold one on Australia Day!