Looking for a cheap lunch spot on the Gold Coast? Look no further as the Boardwalk Tavern has lunch from $10 Mon-Fri.

Weekdays don’t need to be disappointing when lunch on the marina is involved. Ditch the ham and cheese sandwich and pop into the Boardwalk Tavern. Hope Island is the perfect spot to escape reality and take a mini-vacay and by mini-vacay we mean your one-hour lunch break. You will feel refreshed to get back to work or whatever the day may hold. Did we mention that we sell alcohol so a cheeky beer or cocktail might be just what you need to get through that huge pile of paperwork?

As the saying goes, there ain’t no thang like a chicken wing. And we would have to agree! Our Chicken Wings come in four different delectable flavours from Smokey BBQ to Frank’s Hot served with blue cheese sauce. Grab a napkin, because things are going to get messy.

The perfect comfort meal is our Beef Bangers & Mash. It might sound basic but it’s a real crowd-pleaser here at the Boardwalk Tavern. Served with baby carrot, peas, snow peas, house mash & jus. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life which are the most enjoyable.

Introducing the Hawaiian Lunch Pizza. Now before we open the never-ending pineapple debate we would just like to state that we are in fact big pineapple fans! We don’t like taking sides but a rich tomato base, sliced ham, pineapple & mozzarella are a match made in heaven in our eyes!

Now for something a little more light try our Caesar Salad. It’s the salad for those who don’t enjoy salad. It’s basically a dreamy bowl of goodness. Think cos lettuce, soft egg, Parmesan cheese, croutons & bacon. Yes, you read correctly bacon. Add grilled halloumi or chicken to really top it off!

On the food front, the options are endless with our Lunch from $10 Menu. View the full menu here

Book a table online at www.boardwalktavern.com.au

**Available Monday to Friday From 11.30am-3pm with the purchase of a drink. Not available on public holidays or major event days. No further discounts or vouchers apply.